As an official partner of Smart Res, BTG Tecnologie offers many different Smart Res HF/NFC tags. As always, BTG is here to help you make an informed decision on the correct tag to fit your needs! Furthermore, when necessary BTG will work with Smart Res to customize a tag for your application, ensuring the best possible performance for your company!

For more information on our Smart Res tags or if you have any questions speak to an experienced member of our staff by clicking here or by calling us directly!

Tag # Dimension Material HF (ISO15693) NFC (14443/A)
1408  18 x 14 mm PET X
1442  40 x 20 mm Paper X X
1444  35 x 35 mm Paper X
1445  Diam. 30 mm Paper X X
1446  54 x 86 mm Paper X X
1447  Diam. 23 mm Paper X
1448  35 x 35 mm Paper X
1449  Diam. 30 mm Paper X
1450  56 x 86 mm Paper X
1451  40 x 20 mm Paper X
1468  Diam. 30 mm PET + ferrite X X
1473  84 x 34 mm PET X
1478  35 x 35 mm Hot Melt glue X
1592  45 x 45 mm Paper X X